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For breeders

Are you looking for a reliable partner who will meet all your needs all year long?

We stand for traceable, stable, responsible cooperation with our partners – usually based on many years of personal trust and confidence. For us, a “handshake” means everything!

What we offer you:

  1. We are a supplier of regional products – offering beef and pork of outstanding quality!

    Together with you as a stock breeder, we are all working to achieve the same goal. We offer you a collaboration based on respect and mutual appreciation – Your quality is our quality. That is why we are looking forward to an intense and stimulating personal discussion with you so that we can work together to identify the objectives for the coming years and create the basis for a high-quality product.

  2. In addition, we support our partners with our own livestock trading business which acts as an intermediary for the sale of breeding and fattening animals in order to ensure optimum supply conditions.

  3. We perform most of our transport activities ourselves and possess our own animal transport vehicles which permit the humane, uncomplicated transport of the animals for slaughter. And because we have our own drivers, we can also meet your individual requirements (e.g.: pick-up at a specific time)

What we are looking for:

  1. Regional breeders of pigs, bullocks, heifers and cows
  2. Long-term partnerships
  3. Partners for organic products


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