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For butchers

Thanks to their sustainable, highly-regarded craftsmanship, butchers have always enjoyed a high level of confidence on the part of consumers. Butchers know their products and give them their own unmistakable taste!

We supply them with the basic products in the quality that their customers appreciate and at a price that offers excellent value for money. We also offer premium cuts and regional specialities prepared in the traditional manner, such as freshly slaughtered meat, offal, fresh blood, and portions cut to meet individual needs.

What we offer you:

  1. As fresh as possible

    Slaughtered in the morning, butchered in the afternoon and shipped directly to you – you couldn’t get anything fresher! If you want, we will supply fresh pork to you within 12 hours from the previous day’s slaughter!
    Naturally, we give our beef a little more time so that it can mature properly.

  2. As individual as possible

    • Year-round operation – 24/7 including on public holidays
    • Contactable at all times
    • Dedicated contact person
    • Separate production for beef and pork
    • Year-round operation – 24/7, including on public holidays
    • Versatile vehicle fleet from rapid-response vans through to 40-tonners

  3. Quality right from the start!

    • Beef: Most of our beef comes from Simmental (Fleckvieh) cattle due to the breed’s dry, light, delicate pink meat.
    • Pork: Our exceptionally dry, dark pork, which retains its form during cooking, possesses exceptional freshness and quality.
    • This starts with the choice of the race by our farmers, with whom we enjoy long-standing relations. Of equal importance for optimum meat quality is the humane treatment of the animals, with short transport routes, appropriate resting times and a stress-free, peaceful slaughtering process.
    • We can select halves and portions of both our beef and pork individually for you in the light of your requirements and thus optimally respond to your needs.

  4. Specialities

    • Freshly slaughtered meat for traditional production
    • Fresh blood, offal, pieces of shoulder, beef cheeks and much more.
    • Individual cuts/butchering
    • Halves, portions – with or without bones
    • Halal beef and lamb
    • Subcontracted slaughter services for third-parties
    • Meat from sows and piglets


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