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For trade

We produce reliable, unvarying quality for you in the quantities you require - whenever you need it.

Product transparency is becoming increasingly important in the food retail sector, in particular, and we meet the associated requirements through verifiable standards in the form of audits and certifications. In this way, we ensure that you benefit from organisationally irreproachable, seamless processes both when purchasing centrally and when buying individually for specific markets. You can rely on our promises and our many quality labels.

What we offer you:

  1. Quality for your customers

    It is our belief that livestock breeding practices that give the animals the best possible life are the basis for optimum meat quality. We achieve this thanks to our regional focus – from breeding through husbandry, fattening, delivery and on to slaughter.

    For us, short distances are of vital importance for outstanding meat quality, in order to cut down transport times for the animals and delivery times for you.

  2. Everything from a single supplier - from my own region!

    Customers have high demands regarding the regional sourcing of products. Availability while also ensuring unvarying, reliable quality is a prerequisite. With us as your partner, you can always rely on our ability to deliver regionally sourced products to you. We are able to guarantee stable, reliable logistics: Thanks to our in-house vehicle fleet staffed by our own drivers, our trained personnel can adapt to your individual wishes!

  3. Specialities 

    • Pieces of shoulder, beef cheeks, offal and much more.
    • Individual cuts/butchering
    • Halves, portions – with or without bones
    • Halal beef and lamb
    • Custom packaging capabilities
    • Customer-specific labelling and identification capabilities (barcodes, individual weights, and much more)


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