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For large-scale purchasers

Are you a caterer, commercial kitchen operator or further processor? Thanks to our versatile processes and high capacities, we can respond quickly to individual requests and differing delivery quantities.

As a large-scale purchaser, you undoubtedly know the value of having a high-performance supplier so that you can guarantee that your own processes can run smoothly. You cannot afford any downtimes…

Our company has all the usual certifications and puts these into practice. In addition, we can provide you with the necessary data concerning the origin of our products over various interfaces (including fTrace).

Is it important to you to have a dedicated, qualified and experienced contact person? Do you need a delivery at short notice?

You can trust us to be a strong, reliable partner – at any time of the day or night!

What we offer you:

  1. As fresh as possible

    Slaughtered in the morning, butchered in the afternoon and shipped directly to you – you couldn’t get anything fresher! If you want, we will supply fresh pork to you within 12 hours from the previous day’s slaughter!
    Naturally, we give our beef a little more time so that it can mature properly.

  2. As individual as possible

    • Year-round operation – 24/7 including on public holidays
    • Contactable at all times
    • Dedicated contact person
    • Separate production for beef and pork
    • Year-round operation – 24/7, including on public holidays
    • Versatile vehicle fleet from rapid-response vans through to 40-tonners
    • Full handling of export formalities

  3. Quality for your customers

    It is our belief that livestock breeding practices that give the animals the best possible life are the basis for optimum meat quality.

    We achieve this thanks to our regional focus – from breeding through husbandry, fattening, delivery and on to slaughter.

    For us, short distances are of vital importance for outstanding meat quality, in order to cut down transport times for the animals and delivery times for you.

  4. Specialities

    • Freshly slaughtered meat for traditional production
    • Fresh blood, offal, pieces of shoulder, beef cheeks and much more.
    • Individual cuts/butchering Halves, portions – with or without bones
    • Halal beef and lamb
    • Custom packaging capabilities
    • Customer-specific labelling and identification capabilities, including in foreign languages (barcodes, individual weights, and much more)

  5. All the usual certifications. We also have the possibility of providing data concerning the origin of our products over various interfaces (including fTrace).


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